Quartetoukan קווארטטוקאן كوارططوقان

QUARTETOUKAN is the brainchild of four musicians with very different cultural, ethnic and musical inclinations. Combining East and West, Hebrew, Arabic and Ladino, the quartet takes its audience on a musical journey which mirrors the multicultural facet of contemporary Israel.

QUARTETOUKAN's original and traditional compositions unite the distinctive sound and prose of Fairuz, Bialik, and Leah Goldberg, with Flamenco, Klezmer and Arabic folk music. Our performances are a musical illustration of the unity we strive for, both as artists and as individuals.

Miriam Toukan - Vocals | Idan Toledano - Flamenco guitar, Oud, Accordion
Racheli Galay - Cello | Noa Vax - Percussion
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