New Jazz album by Saxophone player and composer Amit Friedman. With strong roots in traditional jazz, Friedman widens his musical horizons on this album, explore different sounds, and host Claudia Acuna, Rvid Kachlany, and Tamar Eisnman. A festive musical journey exiting yet accessible of high quality Israeli jazz music.  


Amit Friedman: Tenor and Soprano Saxophones and Vocal

Amos Hoffman: Oud and Guitar

Katia Toobool: Piano

Gilad Abro: Bass

Amir Bressler: Drums

Rony Iwryn: Percussions and Vocals


All Compositions By Amit Friedman Except-
Silent Blue by Tamar Eisenman
Lyrics For “Momento” –Claudia Acuna
Lyrics for “love must be the way”- Ravid Kahalani
Recorded at Bardo Studio on Jan 2014
By Bill Tsur and Yonatan Kossov
Assistant- Idan Katz
Claudia Acuna recorded by Ben Zwerin
Mixed by Bill Tsur
Mastering- Erez Caspi

Long way to go - Amit Friedman

  • משלוח רגיל - 10 ש"ח

    דואר רשום - 15 ש"ח

    International shipping - 15 ILS

    1. Long way to go 6:27
    2. Enough is Enough 5:19
    3. Momento  (with Claudia Acuna) 3:22
    4. Blues? 6:51
    5. Human Blanket 7:02
    6. Strechin’ the Truth 4:34
    7. Rona 5:44
    8. Candombe 3:49
    9. Silent Blue (with Tamar Eisenman) 4:01
    10.  Shirupiri 5:45
    11.  Abadi & Salt 4:52
    12.  Love Must be the Way (with Ravid Kahalani) 3:28